Geographical and genetic data on 39 Campanula rotundifolia populations sampled in the Stockholm archipelago, Sweden

2018-09-12T07:07:00Z (GMT) by Jan Plue Tsipe Aavik Sara Cousins
These three files in combination with the supplementary files to the original manuscript "Plue, J, Aavik, T., Cousins, S.A.O. 2018. Grazing Networks Promote Plant Functional Connectivity among Isolated Grassland Communities." enable complete reproduction of all the analysis in the manuscript.

The three files in this file set contain:

1) Genotyped data for 760 individuals from a total of 39 Campanula rotundifolia populations, based on 10 microsatellite markers.
2) Shapefile of the islands in the Stockholm archipelago upon which the Campanula rotundifolia populations were sampled. The shapefile is in the SWEREF 99 coordinate system.
3) Shapefile containing the locations of the 39 Campanula rotundifolia populations. The shapefile is in the SWEREF 99 coordinate system