Open Access status of articles at Stockholm University 2012-2017

2018-03-01T13:41:20Z (GMT) by Gabor Schubert
This dataset contains free to read/open access status of scholarly journal articles from Stockholm University (Sweden) published between 2012-2017. The data published in xlsx and csv format. Only journal articles with a known DOI are included. The status of free/open access of the articles were checked manually and then compared to the Unpaywall/oaDOi database ( in February 2018. The data was fetched with the help of the Unpaywall/oaDOI API:

Definitions of the columns in the data file:

DOI: DOI id of the aricle
su:DIVA PID: id of the article in the Stockholm University publication database (DiVA:
Journal: Name of the artcle
Year: Publication year

Manually checked data:
Free to read at publisher homepage: 1 if the full-text of the article is free to read without registration at the publisher's homepage
OA: 1 if the article has some kind of OA license
License: Specification of the OA license (type of Creative Commons license, or "Other license"
Gold OA journal: 1 if the journal is fully open access
Publisher: name of the publisher

Data from oaDOI
DOI found in oaDOI: 1 if the DOI is found in the oaDOI database
oaDOI found something open: 1 if the oaDOI database found an open version available
Free to read at publisher homepage according to oaDOI: 1 if there is a free to read available version at the publisher's homepage according to oaDOI
OA at publisher according to oaDOI best location
oaDOI best location: best free location according to oaDOI
oaDOI data_standard: 1 or 2 according to oaDOI
oaDOI license: license from the oaDOI database
oaDOI license (standardized format): license type converted to the format of the column "License". License types other than Creative Commons are categorized as "Other license".

Note: since many things were checked manually/half-automatically, some errors are inevitable. Furthermore all data was only accurate at the time of the check.