Open data for "Electrocortical N400 effects of semantic satiation" by Kim Ströberg, Lau M. Andersen, and Stefan Wiens

2018-10-19T07:26:42Z (GMT) by Stefan Wiens
Contains the open data for "Electrocortical N400 Effects of Semantic Satiation" by Ströberg, Andersen, and Wiens (2017, Frontiers in Psychology) contains the scripts to run the experiment in Presentation. The folder also contains the logfiles of the behavioral data.

rawdata_bdf_*.zip contain the raw eeg data files (*.bdf) that were recorded with a biosemi system ( The files can be opened in matlab with the fieldtrip toolbox. contains the preprocessed individual data files. They were generated with the fieldtrip toolbox in matlab., contains all the matlab scripts that were used to process the ERP data with the toolbox fieldtrip., It also contains the r-scripts that were used to compute Bayes Factors. The r-files can be run with r ( Some files were generated with Aladins r scripts ( The folder also contains the main output files (csv, mat, tiff).