Sunburst Arc Magellan/MagE observations

These are raw data files from the Magellan telescopes, MagE
spectrograph, that are used in Rivera-Thorsen et al. 2019 (Science). All individual science integrations are included, as well as all the calibration frames: blueflat, redflat, bias, ThAr lamps, order definition flats, and flux calibration stars. Directories include data from three observing runs; the directory name gives the month and year the observations were obtained. All observations are of the galaxy known as the "Sunburst Arc", discussed in Rivera-Thorsen et al. 2019.

The slit positions are as follows:
- Img 1 / slit H-9 from August 2018
- Img 5 / slit "1" from May 2017
- Img 8 / slit H-2 from April 2018
- Img 10 / slit H-6 from April 2018
- No LyC slit H-3 from April 2018

Viewing the data: Data is stored in the Flexible Image Transport System (FITS) file format[1], which is designed to store table or binary image data together with an ASCII header containing meta-data stored as a keyword-value pairs, of which some are mandatory and some are optional.
Multiple software applications exist which can view and analyze FITS files. We recommend either DS9[2], QFitsView[3] or Ginga[4] packages, all of which are open source and freely available for both Windows, Mac OS X and GNU/Linux.

Unpacking: The data is compressed in the .tar.gz format, which is natively supported on Mac OS X and GNU/Linux. On Windows, it can be opened with e.g. the 7-Zip software[5].