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Android Process Memory String Dumps Dataset

posted on 11.05.2017, 10:21 by Irvin Homem, Panagiotis Papapetrou
A dataset containing 2375 samples of Android Process Memory String Dumps. The dataset is broadly composed of 2 classes: "Benign App" Memory Dumps and "Malicious App" Memory Dumps, respectively, split into 2 ZIP archives. The ZIP archives in total are approximately 17GB in size, however the unzipped contents are approximately 67GB.

This dataset is derived from a subset of the APK files originally made freely available for research through the AndroZoo project [1]. The AndroZoo project collected millions of Android applications and scanned them with the VirusTotal online malware scanning service, thereby classifying most of the apps as either malicious or benign at the time of scanning.

The process memory dumps in this dataset were generated through running the subset of APK files from the AndroZoo dataset in an Android Emulator, capturing the process memory of the individual process and subsequently extracting only the strings from the process memory dump. This was facilitated through building 2 applications: Coriander and AndroMemDumpBeta which facilitate the running of Apps on Android Emulators, and the capturing of process memory respectively. The source code for these software applications is available on Github.

The individual samples are labelled with the SHA256 hash filename from the original AndroZoo labeling and the application package names extracted from within the specific APK manifest file. They also contain a time-stamp for when the memory dumping process took place for the specific file. The file extension used is ".dmp" to indicate that the files are memory dumps, however they only contain strings, and thus can be viewed in any simple text editor.

A subset of the first 10000 APK files from the original AndroZoo dataset is also included within this dataset. The metadata of these APK files is present in the file "AndroZoo-First-10000" and the 2375 Android Apps that are the main subjects of our dataset are extracted from here..

Our dataset is intended to be used in furthering our research related to Machine Learning-based Triage for Android Memory Forensics. It has been made openly available in order to foster opportunities for collaboration with other researchers, to enable validation of research results as well as to enhance the body of knowledge in related areas of research.

[1]. K. Allix, T. F. Bissyandé, J. Klein, and Y. Le Traon. AndroZoo: Collecting Millions of Android Apps for the Research Community. Mining Software Repositories (MSR) 2016