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Integration of Verbal Cues with Visual and Olfactory Stimuli

posted on 24.08.2020, 09:09 by Stephen Pierzchajlo
There are 69 .csv files included in this dataset. Each raw data .csv file contains the raw data for a single participant. An R file was then used to combine the raw data and condense it for analyses. The R file is included with the data and is called ObjectCategoryAnalysis.Rmd. Additionally, there is a ReadMe file titled DataSharingREADME.txt.


1. Number of variables: 11

2. Number of cases/rows: 192 x 69 = 13248

3. Variable List:

Participant: 101-169

Block: Their are 4 blocktypes: VisualStimulus (blocks with object-cues and visual targets), VisualCategory (blocks with category-cues and visual targets), OlfactoryStimulus (blocks with object-cues and olfactory targets), OlfactoryCategory (blocks with category-cues and olfactorytargets).

Cue: One of six possible auditory cues participants heard prior to target onset: "lavender", "lilac", "pear", "lemon", "flower", "fruit".

Target: One of four possible targets presented to each participant. These can either be visual or olfactory: lavender, lilac, pear, lemon.

Match: Informs about whether the Cue and Target matched (yes) or were different (no).

Accuracy: 1 if participant answered correctly, 0 if participant answered incorrectly.

ReactionTime: Response latency on that particular trial.

Modality: Whether the target was Visual or Olfactory.

CueType: Whether the cue was object-based (Object) or category-based (Category).

Congruency: Provides the same information as Match. If cue and target match it says Congruent, if cue and target do not match it says Incongruent.

LogRT: Reaction Times on a logarithmic scale.

R Information
The analysis uses both R and R Studio (although only R is required to run the .Rmd file.)


The project is funded by a Wallenberg Academy Fellowship to Jonas Olofsson (Principal Investigator) to the value of 7.5 MSEK + 3.9 MSEK in-kind funding from Stockholm University. This funding includes full-time salary for the PhD student Stephen Pierzchajlo who will be conducting the research projects, as well as specified running costs to the value of 2.2 MSEK which includes fMRI scanning, analysis, conference travel and equipment. The project thus has enough funding to ensure the execution of the planned research.




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