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Nanofocused x-ray photon correlation spectroscopy

posted on 28.07.2022, 08:48 authored by Sharon BerkowiczSharon Berkowicz, Foivos PerakisFoivos Perakis

Supplementary datasets (from published figures) and example code. 

Example notebook (example_notebook_data.ipynb) shows how to load and use the datasets.


  1. Scattering intensity for nanoparticles in water and in dmso-water solution at different sample positions as a function of momentum transfer q (Iq_values.dat).
  2. Intensity autocorrelation g2 functions for different momentum transfer q and corresponding fit parameters. One .dat file for each type of nanoparticle (NP) sample and measurement conditions, i.e. sample position along the nanofocused x-ray beam: g2_NPwater.dat (NP in water in the focal plane), g2_NPdmso_1.dat (NP in dmso-water in the focal plane), g2_NPdmso_2.dat (NP in dmso-water 1 mm out) , g2_NPdmso_3.dat (NP in dmso-water 2 mm out).

See link to github for analysis codes.


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Nanofocused x-ray photon correlation spectroscopy

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Sharon Berkowicz, Sudipta Das, Mario Reiser, Mariia Filianina, Maddalena Bin, Giulio Crevatin, Franz Hennies, Clemens Weninger, Alexander Björling, Paul Bell, and Fivos Perakis. Nanofocused x-ray photon correlation spectroscopy. Phys. Rev. Research 4, L032012 (2022).

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402 Fysikum | Department of Physics