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Open data: Acoustic measurements echo-detection vs. echo-localization

posted on 18.03.2021, 10:41 by Carlos Tirado Aldana, Billy Gerdfeldter, Mats E. Nilsson

Data and analyses scripts for the acoustic analysis reported in

Carlos T., Gerdfeldter, B., Cornell Kärnekull, S., and Nilsson, M.E. (2020) "Human echolocation: echo-detection versus echo-localization" manuscript accepted for publication in Perception (Manuscript ID PEC-20-0161).

Data stored in four folders (*.zip files):

(1) recording_protocols

recording_protocol.txt -- recording protocol with description of setup and equipment.

./photos -- photos of recording setup

(2) recordings_binaural_20201025

*.wav -- binaural recordings, and recordings of calibration signal in left and right ear

filelist.txt -- list of *.wav files

(3) recordings_monaural_20201009

*.wav -- mono measurements with microphone 1 m in front of the loudspeaker and calibration signal

(4) analys

*.py -- Python scripts for analyzing *.wav files

*.R -- R-scripts for analyzing output from Python and *.wav files

analys_output.txt -- output from binaural_analys.py

files_fixed.txt -- ouput from fix_filelist.R


Swedish Research Council 2016-02100


Associated Publication

Tirado, C., Gerdfeldter, B., Kärnekull, S. C., & Nilsson, M. E. (2021). Comparing Echo-Detection and Echo-Localization in Sighted Individuals. Perception. https://doi.org/10.1177/03010066211000617

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308 Psykologiska institutionen | Department of Psychology



Stockholm University