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Stockholm University & Figshare – Doing it ‘Right’ or Doing it at All?

posted on 13.12.2016, 09:26 by Sofie Wennström, Karl Edqvist, Sabina Anderberg, Martin Wincent
This is the slides and the speaking manuscript of a presentation given at the event Figshare fest in London, UK on December 2nd 2016. The presentation is meant to show a case study of a university using the Figshare for institutions tool.

The presentation describes how the Stockholm University Library team is currently (Nov 2016) working with the Figshare for institutions platform to manage research data at Stockholm University. The presentation also includes an overview of the current project goal of becoming more user-friendly, giving researchers easy tools to upload and share their research data openly. Furthermore, it is described how a large university can manage to work across different administrative departments to serve the researcher community with easy-to-use tools for open dissemination of their work carried out while working at the institution.


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