Storglaciärens mass balance series 1945/46-

2016-06-22T10:17:31Z (GMT) by Peter Jansson

The Storglaciären surface mass balance record 1946-2015.

The data included here consists of three files.

The mail file SgMb_yearly_yyyy.csv contaions the official data series updated to the year in the file name.

One second series SgMB_Ann_Glaciol_42_1946-2003.csv  is series published by Holmlund et al (2005; Ann Glaciol) where the existing series was recalculated. It is this series that now forms the period 1046-2003 in the official series mentioned first.

The old original series SgMB_uncorrected_1946-2003.csv is kept for reference.