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Tarfala daily mean temperature series 1965-

posted on 24.05.2016, 11:01 by Peter Jansson
This data set consists of daily mean temperatures recorded at Tarfala Research Station since 1965. The record is an assembly of automatically recoded air temperatures. Measurement devices have changed over time as the equipment has been modernized. Please refer to the annual meteorological measurements reported from Tarfala Reseearch Station for more detailed information. The data is provided as is. The data includes breaks indicated by a "Not-a-Number", "NaN" value. Since 1995, the Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute, SMHI, maintains an official station (Tarfala A; Climate number: 178970; WMO-number: 2-29) in close proximity to the Tarfala meteorological site. It is therefore possible to use data from the SMHI station to fill in gaps in the TRS record.


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