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Dissertation planning tool at department of Physical Geography, Stockholm University

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posted on 31.12.2021, 10:24 authored by Helle SkånesHelle Skånes
This is a spread sheet to guide PhD students at the department of Physical Geography, Stockholm University in their final preparations before dissertation. It delineates the most important deadlines and tasks that have to be under taken before the public defense.

It is also useful for supervisors and administrative staff of the department to plan upcoming dissertations.

Note that the documents may be used by other departments, but the soft deadlines before the printing process, nailing period and official rules are tailored for our department and might not apply to other departments.

Also note that there might be unforeseen effects in relation to specific holidays that might influence the time frame. So each user of this spreadsheet is responsible for ensuring that everything happens in time.

The document has been developed in collaboration with Avhandlingssupport at Stockholm University

New versions will be uploaded and old versions are then obsolete.

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