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Version 2 2023-10-16, 15:39
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posted on 2023-10-16, 15:39 authored by Peter JanssonPeter Jansson

The document "Using the LATEX templates for authoring a dissertation in Physical Geography, Stockholm University" details the use of dissertations templates for so-called "Kappa" (i.e. a summary paper belonging to a compilation dissertation) and manuscripts. This documentation complements the template files "NG dissertation Kappa template" and "NG dissertation manuscript template" that are available on Overleaf for typesetting thesis components in LaTeX.
Note that this is not an official Stockholm University thesis template and documentation.
The template files consist of the following:


A file containing a description fo the templates and how to use them

A zip-file containing a template file as well as all necessary files for creating a kappa for insertion into the SU online thesis tool. The folder structure looks as follows

root: Thesis-kappa-template.text + sample.bib

-template: NGdissertation.sty + CSE.bst

-Figures: Figure.png

A zip-file containing a template file as well as all necessary files for creating a manuscript for insertion into the SU online thesis tool.The folder structure looks as follows

root: Thesis-manuscript-template.text + sample.bib

-template: NGdissertation.sty + CSE.bst

-Figures: Figure.png

File description

Thesis-kappa-template.tex: template file for entering kappa content

Thesis-manuscript-template.tex: template file for entering manuscript content

NGdissertation.sty: the template macro package. The same file is used for both kappa and manuscript templates

sample.bib: sample bibliography file. Only used for previewing the templates, should be replaced by the user's own bibliography file

CSE.bst: Council of Science Editors bibliography style file

Figure.png: Rudimentary graphics file used only for previewing the templates. Cam be deleted when adding user's own figure files.

Version updates

v.2: 16 Oct 2023 The kappa file has been updated to work with the SU online tool for generating a thesis. Minor issues with ToC and appendix handling has been adjusted. The manuscript template has been adjusted in a similar way. The template description has been adjusted to accommodate the changes in the files and the use of the SU thesis tool. Finally the kappa and manuscript templates are provided as zip-files containing all necessary files and folders for working with the template(s). The zip-files can be uploaded as a project file to Overleaf.

v.1: 20 May 2016. First version.


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