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posted on 03.05.2017, 11:31 by Peter Jansson
The document "Using the LATEX templates for authoring a dissertation in Physical Geography, Stockholm University" details the use of dissertations templates for so-called "Kappa" (i.e. a summary paper belonging to a compilation dissertation) and manuscripts. This documentation complements the template files "NG dissertation Kappa template" and "NG dissertation manuscript template" that are available on Overleaf for typesetting thesis components in LaTeX.

The templates can be accessed directly on Overleaf using the links listed under "References" below.

Note that this is not an official Stockholm University thesis template and documentation.

The template files consist of the following:

: The package file containing the settings generating the layout of the Kappa and manuscript. This file must be present whenever typesetting with the template files.

Thesis_kappa_template.tex: The template file for writing the Kappa.

Thesis_manuscript_template.tex: The template file for writing a manuscript.

logo-org-engelsk:rgb.pdf: The Stockholm University logo for the Kappa. The logo is copyrighted by the university and may not be used for any other reasons than to indicate that this is research originating from Stockholm University. The symbol and text are registered with the Swedish Patent and Registration Office. The logo may be used in either university blue, white or black. Whenever possible, university blue should be used as a first choice. The logo and the dissertation should follow the main instructions for visual identity of Stockholm University. http://www.su.se/rules/book-1/information-communication/1-5-3-guidelines-for-the-visual-identity-at-stockholm-university-1.17458

Figure.png: A sample figure file (not essential).

CSE.bst: The Council of Science Editors (CSE) reference style file. CSE style is recommended.

sample.bib: A sample bibliography data base file (not essential).




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