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Finnish Grammar Trainer

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posted on 2022-02-18, 10:02 authored by Merlijn de SmitMerlijn de Smit
This is a small educational software program written in C containing exercises in Finnish grammar (mostly morphology, some syntax). Source code is provided as well.

The program contains 30 exercises, each drawing 20 (random and non-repeating) questions from a much larger database of questions. Exercises can therefore be repeated. The exercises are appropriate for first-year learners of Finnish. Exercises further down the menu will be more difficult than ones higher up in the menu.

The code uses libraries specific to Windows. Linux users are free to modify the source code. The program does not need to be installed.

To use the program, just enter the number of the exercise you want to do. Entering '31' quits the program.

Note that entries are case-sensitive, avoid capital letters.


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