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GAVIS Observation Protocol 2024

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posted on 2024-02-12, 16:56 authored by Mara Westling AllodiMara Westling Allodi, Noam Ringer

The classroom is a context in which proximal processes occur. The classroom social emotional climate (CSEC) is associated to students’ well-being and learning. An observation protocol GAVIS has been developed, based on theories on learning environments and motivation. The CSEC construct has potential to be relevant for research and practice since an accurate assessment of the quality of the social emotional climate may provide measures that can be used as outcomes of interventions, if they are reliable, prove to be valid and are sensitive to changes. GAVIS protocol contains 20 items rated by an observer in a 4-point Likert scale, related to 5 dimensions (stimulation, improvement, structure, relationship, influence) expected to cover in a comprehensive way significant and visible aspect of the social emotional climate. GAVIS protocol is developed from a framework based on theories of learning environments, motivation and universal values, as well as students’ evaluations and teachers’ interviews. GAVIS observation protocol is an innovation in the methodological field of classroom observations; its validation as an instrument would require further steps: a larger scale trial with examination of inter-rater reliability, test-retest-reliability; examination of convergent, concurrent and predictive validity are goals for future studies. Teachers, special educational needs professionals and managers are aware of differences in the quality of the social emotional climate in educational setting, but to change these situations in the specific classroom is not easy to achieve. The validated observation protocol could be employed in educational practice as an assessment tool where the teacher may receive constructive feedback by a coach, which may facilitate the planning of improvements in the classroom practice.The items of GAVIS formulate contents that are expected to be present in inclusive classrooms, and with students with diverse characteristics.


Swedish Research Council 2018-04012


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Observation protocol GAVIS February 2024

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