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MBW PhD Event 2019 - Open Science

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The road to OPSIN (OPen ScIeNce): Come see what it’s all about.

Much like opsins are activated by light, enlightenment on Open Science was the aim of the PhD Event at the Department of Molecular Bioscience, Wenner-Gren Institute, (MBW) on Friday, May 3, 2019. “Open Science” reads like a tautology – a redundant use of words. Being that science strives to expand and spread knowledge, it should be open at its core. However, the system in which science is currently conducted is not set up to do so openly, i.e. transparently. In order to shed some light on the specific problem areas, the MBW PhD students wanted to raise awareness about the ideas of Open Science.

The document is a collection of the slides presented by the invited speakers Sofie Wennström, Niclas Jareborg, Gustav Nilsonne, Anna Wetterbom and Wilhelm Widmark.


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MBW PhD Event 2019 - Open Science

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