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Setting up and using QGIS for geomorphological exercises

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posted on 18.11.2021, 14:06 by Peter JanssonPeter Jansson
A beginner's guide to use QGIS to analyse terrain data for landscape landforms and processes appreciation. This is NOT an introduction to GIS but intended to provide students with the possibility to start using QGIS for specific purposes.

V 3, 18 Nov., 2021 Minor adjustements to the text including the latest changes on the SLU site.

V.2, 5 Oct., 2020: Made changes to accommodate changes on the SLU site and also in the format data is supplied. A tiled data format was introduced without notice in Jan. 2020 on the SLU site. Minor typos have also been corrected

V.1, 3 Nov., 2018: First version


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