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Undergraduate thesis LaTeX template, Department of Physical Geography.

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posted on 2023-07-13, 12:45 authored by Peter JanssonPeter Jansson

This is the LaTeX template for undergraduate (candidate and master's) theses at the Department of Physical Geography.  Undergraduate theses can be written using either Word or LaTeX. This resource contains the LaTeX template. The resource contains a description of how to use the template. The template itself is contained in a zip-file which can be unzipped to create a project on a computer or uploaded to Overleaf to create a new project. The zipped file contains all necessary files and a folder structure to help organize the default files from being confused with user provided files. 

The recommended way to use the template is to work in Overleaf and to set the LaTeX-compiler to XeLaTeX. 

The template also exists for working in Word. This template can be downloaded from the different thesis project web pages at the Department of Physical Geography.


12 July 2023: Fixed errors with page numbers in the appendix. Small but crucial fix.


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