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Writing science with LaTeX

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Version 7 2023-10-13, 13:48
Version 6 2022-10-11, 10:47
Version 5 2021-10-10, 18:36
Version 4 2020-10-02, 11:15
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posted on 2023-10-13, 13:48 authored by Peter JanssonPeter Jansson

An introduction to authoring with LaTeX for the sciences. The text assumes no prior knowledge of LaTeX. It is intended for students and professionals who wants a brief introduction as a basis for further self-learning. It should be sufficient for writing any document that is based on a template or specific class.

v.7: Added new section on general typographical aspects of layout. Added the packages multirow and titlesec to the list of recommended packages. The text on the siunitx package has been expanded and updated to follow version 4 changes of the package. Expanded section on Zotero to include new features in synchronisation with Overleaf.

v.6: Added details on adding an index and appendix. Also added an index to the compendium. Added references to the most recent package documentation on CTAN. Sections concerning Overleaf and Zotero has been updated to reflect current features.

v.5: The section on referencing has been partially rewritten and reorganised. Minor corrections throughout the text.

v.4: Revisions made to follow developments in Overleaf. Reorganisation in the section of package descriptions. Added a brief chapter on graphics in addition to presenting the graphicx package. General updates of links and typos.

v.3: The part on referencing is completely rewritten with notes on Zotero and Overleaf 2 integration included. Many minor typos and errors in v.2 have also been corrected throughout the document.

v.2: Added appendix on how to install LaTeX locally on a personal computer. Minor typos in v.1 corrected. Adjusted for Overleaf v2 upgrade.


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