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Writing science with LaTeX

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posted on 10.10.2021, 18:36 by Peter JanssonPeter Jansson
An introduction to authoring with LaTeX for the sciences. The text assumes no prior knowledge of LaTeX. It is intended for students and professionals who wants a brief introduction as a basis for further self-learning. It should be sufficient for writing any document that is based on a template or specific class.

v.5: The section on referencing has been partially rewritten and reorganised. Minor corrections throughout the text.

v.4: Revisions made to follow developments in Overleaf. Reorganisation in the section of package descriptions. Added a brief chapter on graphics in addition to presenting the graphicx package. General updates of links and typos.

v.3: The part on referencing is completely rewritten with notes on Zotero and Overleaf 2 integration included. Many minor typos and errors in v.2 have also been corrected throughout the document.

v.2: Added appendix on how to install LaTeX locally on a personal computer. Minor typos in v.1 corrected. Adjusted for Overleaf v2 upgrade.


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