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Övningar i geomorfologi/Exercises in geomorphology

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posted on 2023-11-12, 14:40 authored by Peter JanssonPeter Jansson

This compendium contains exercises in geomorphology intended for introductory level geomorphology courses. The exercises are largely based on two tools QGIS and Google Earth Pro. The QGIS exercises require specific digital elevation model data sets available to academic institutions in Sweden. Google Earth .kmz files are included for locating projects in Google Earth.

V.4 10 Nov. 2023 Added additional periglacial exercises. The .kmz-files have been updated with new coordinates. Tasks in a few exercises modified based on student feedback. The figures in some exercises have been improved to aid performing the exercise

V.3 15 Nov. 2022 Added digital geomorphology lab section and made corrections to typographical errors. Added .kmz files for exercise geolocation to the Figshare repository

V.2 30 Nov. 2020 Improved figures and reorganised chapter order. Geomorphology lab rewritten

V.1 2018-- &First version


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