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posted on 22.03.2018, 16:11 by Oskar Juhlin, Jinyi Wang

We unpack relevant categories in fashion film production, in order to guide the mediation of emerging digital fashion presentations, and in specific that of wearable technology that shifts visual aesthetic based on outfits and contexts.

Understanding mediation is essential since becoming fashionable depends not only on the design of the item per se, but also on how it is embedded in institutions, such as in film making.

We do this by introducing methods labelled “Research through Design”, where articulation goes hand in hand with the making of an item.

As a fashion film, we learn that characters needs to be well-crafted and highlight the importance of actors’ performances. It need to emphasize aesthetics in quality and diverse expressions and need to be presented in a setting that is aligned with the style.

As a fashion film, displaying a digital design concept that may not even exist as a physical item, the format needs to be adapted. We argue that it needs a story that accommodates digital fashion design both to drive the narrative and present itself as a fashion garment. It needs to orient to fashion style, while balancing between the intended fashion audience and technology user groups.


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Digital Fashion Film

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Fashion Film as Design Fiction for Wearable Concepts.


Stockholm University