pciSeq files in csv format

This figshare data set contains more easily accessible format of files included in figshare dataset https://doi.org/10.6084/m9.figshare.7150760

In situ sequencing (ISS) is a technology to sequence RNA directly inside tissue sections, and probabilistic cell typing by ISS (pciSeq) method is a method to spatially map single-cell RNA-sequencing defined cell types. (See Associated Publication)

* spots_whole_section files have three columns: genes, X and Y position

* mask files contain polygon coordinates of CA1 regions

* cells files have cell ID, X and Y position of cells in CA1, and sum of probabilities of all assigned reads.

* spots_w_segmentation files contain spot assignment results from pciSeq algorithm.

* celltype files contain cell type assignment results from pciSeq algorithm.