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Do Alike Think Alike? A Descriptive Study on Attitudinal Homogamy among Swedish Couples

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Abstract: This study examines whether attitudinal homogamy is associated with well-established homogamy in religiosity, ethnicity, education and age. Attitudinal homogamy is measured among 1095 co-residing Swedish couples for attitudes towards gender equality, work, values in life and social conservatism. Calculations were made with variable-centered approach (VCA) and couple-centered approach (CCA). In addition, linear regression models were used to determine whether homogamy in religiosity, ethnicity, education and age were associated with attitudinal homogamy. Couples showed strong similarity in attitudes on gender equality (r=0.29) and social conservatism (r=0.27), moderate similarity in attitudes to values in life (r=0.18), and somewhat weak, yet statistically significant, similarity in attitudes to work (r=0.11). The probability that these results has occurred by chance is less than one in a thousand. However, none of the well-established areas of homogamy regarding religiosity, ethnicity, education and age were statistically associated with the four areas of attitudinal homogamy. Our main conclusion is that we find homogamy on various attitudinal dimensions but they are not related to other type of couple homogamy.


Swedish Research Council for Health, Working Life and Welfare nr. 2012-0646




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