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Sex composition of children born and transition to third birth among immigrants in Sweden

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posted on 06.10.2017, 14:32 by Eleonora Mussino, Vitor Miranda, Li Ma

In this study, we investigate whether immigrant parents hold sex preferences for children in Sweden, a country that promotes gender equality and where parental preference for having a girl prevails. By applying event-history models to Swedish register data, we investigate the transition to third birth by the sex composition of children born among immigrants. Specifically, we test whether 1) those with only girls have a higher likelihood of having a third child than those with two boys and those with a girl and a boy; 2) those with only girls accelerate their process of having a third child; 3) those who have stayed in Sweden for a longer period of time show a lower tendency for son preference than those who have spent a shorter time in Sweden, and 4) those who migrated to Sweden at younger ages exhibit reproductive behavior similar to that of the native born. We pay particular attention to immigrants from China, Korea, India and the former Yugoslavia, where son preference culture has been well documented in the literature. Our findings imply that immigrants tend to maintain aspects of their previous culture and way of life in the destination country.


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