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Technical report for the Teacher Survey with linkage to the Stockholm School Survey

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posted on 21.06.2018, 08:14 by Jannike Kjellström, Isabelle Holmin von Saenger, Emilie Löfgren Jarl, Bitte Modin
The Teacher Survey was carried out by our research group through a web-based questionnaire that was sent to all senior-level teachers (grades 7-9) in Stockholm municipality in the spring of 2014, and then again in the spring of 2016, this time also comprising upper secondary school teachers (grades 10-13). Student information from the two corresponding years came from the Stockholm School Survey, which is a total survey of ninth- and eleventh-grade students in all public schools and most private schools in Stockholm municipality. The 2014 teacher survey was carried out as part of the research project "Social determinants of learning and health within the context of school", and the 2016 teacher survey was conducted within the research project "School-contextual pathways to psychological symptoms among Swedish youth in the wake of the 1990s school reforms".

The two research projects examine to what extent teacher-rated characteristics at the school-level are related with student outcomes such as school achievement, bullying behaviors, perceived teacher support as well as internalizing and externalizing health problems. The teacher-rated school characteristics consist of, for example, school leadership, teacher cooperation and consensus, school ethos, teachers’ working conditions. The teacher survey can also, by itself, be used to estimate the prevalence of stress, sleeping problems and self-rated health problems among the teachers, as well as how their working environment are related to these outcomes.

Linking the Stockholm School Survey (SE) with the Stockholm Teacher Survey (LE) together provides a unique data material (SELE) where questions concerning school-contextual issues can be examined in relation to student outcomes.


Vetenskapsrådet and Vinnova [2014-10107], Forte [2013-00159] and Formas.


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