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The Sharing of Attitudes and Relationship Quality

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posted on 24.02.2018, 18:15 by Maria Brandén, Eva Bernhardt
This study examines how the sharing of attitudes matter for relationship satisfaction and union dissolution among Swedish couples. It utilizes a data set from 2009 (the Young Adult Panel Study) containing information on 1055 opposite-sex couples (married or co-residential), and registered union dissolutions up until 2014. Results indicate that couples who share notions on the importance of being successful at work; on the importance of having children; or on the importance of having enough time for leisure activities are more likely to be satisfied with their partner relationship than couples who do not share these attitudes. However, there are no effects from sharing attitudes on the importance of living in a good partner relationship or doing well economically, nor any impact on actual breakups. The study concludes that sharing priorities matter for relationship quality, although this cannot be generalized to all attitudes or even to work-family related attitudes in general.


Forte (the Swedish Research Council for Health, Working Life and Welfare), grant number 2012-0646




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