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Modern Caribbean thinkers: Garvey, Fanon, Césaire and Glissant

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posted on 01.09.2020, 14:20 by Christophe Premat
The course explores Caribbean history, power relations, trade, society, culture, traditions of thought, literature and the regional influence of great powers. Various forms of philosophical expression from the Caribbean region are analyzed during the course. The course investigates matters of identity, religion, subordination and post-colonial thought. Both historical themes and contemporary literature and politics are explored. The course also studies the Caribbean from the perspective of its most important linguistic and cultural fields, namely, Spanish, English and French.

The presentation corresponds to the third seminar on modern Caribbean thinkers in a course at the ground level which is delivered at Stockholm University from the autumn 2020 on.


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Modern Caribbean thinkers: Garvey, Fanon, Césaire and Glissant

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