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What does economic francophonie mean? Lessons from the International Organization of Francophonie

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posted on 14.01.2020, 06:12 by Christophe Premat
The presentation targets an audience of economic experts and students who are curious about the French-speaking countries. It was performed for the first time the 14 January 2020 at the Crédit Agricole bank in Stockholm.

Since its summit held in Kinshasa in 2012, the International Organization of Francophonie has created an agenda for economic relations among its members. What can economic francophonie mean? The presentation focuses on the history of the Organization as well as on the relations between France and African countries that use the French language. It seems that the idea of economic francophonie could be adapted to the situation of West Africa with countries such as Bénin, Togo, Mali, Sénégal, Ivory Coast and Burkina Faso. One of the dimensions of the economic francophonie is the currency. In December 2019, the Ivorian President Ouattara and the French President Macron agreed on the reform of the currency which would be transformed into a new currency, "eco" for the West African countries members of the CÉDÉAO (Economic organization for West African countries).


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Une francophonie économique est-elle possible?

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Premat, C. 2018. Pour une généalogie critique de la Francophonie. Stockholm: Stockholm University Press. DOI:

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