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posted on 2024-05-06, 12:33 authored by Helle SkånesHelle Skånes

This is a short description of the metadata related to BIOTOP SE.

BIOTOP SE is a method to construct biotope databases in two steps. It has been developed by Helle Skånes at Department of Physical Geography, Stockholm University in close collaboration with the administrative Board of Stockholm County and a number of pilot municipalities. The development has been ongoing since 2012, and the project has gradually turned into a complete method using automatic and semi-automatic classification methods in ArcGIS Pro controlled by Phython scripts (Step 1). Step 2 is depending on 3D interpretation of aerial CIR photos in a photogrammetric system with seemless connection to a GIS.The method is publicly available to be run in its current form.For more detail about the project, its documentation and applications, see project web page (in Swedish).


2012 Länsstyrelsen Stockholm med stöd av Stockholms läns landsting och Trafikverket, samt Sollentuna kommun

2015 Ekerö kommun

2016 Södertälje kommun

2017 Naturvårdsverket, innovationsstöd, projekt NV-07191-16

2019 Stockholms stad

2020 Solna stad

2021 and 2023-2024 Botkyrka kommun

2021 Skellefteå kommun

2021 Södertälje kommun

2021 Naturvårdsverket, projektnummer NV-05827-21

2023 Vaxholms kommun


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  • 463 Institutionen för naturgeografi | Department of Physical Geography


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