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Rapid Transition Lab: Navigating transformations in times of crises towards healthy, sustainable and just Swedish and planetary food systems

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posted on 2022-10-06, 04:35 authored by My SellbergMy Sellberg, Jenny Norrby, Aleksander Nowak, Linnéa Rönnquist, Per Olsson, Garry Peterson, Alexander Alvsilver

The centrality of food to human flourishing combined with how food is currently a source of many social and environmental problems means that many of the broader sustainability challenges can be addressed by fundamental changes to the production, distribution, and consumption of food. Such changes are central to what has been referred to as food system transformations. Transformations require significant changes in multiple dimensions of society. History shows us that crises can create openings for transformation. This project aims to learn from the Covid-19 crisis and support the enabling of capacities for transforming Swedish food systems to promote health, equity, sustainability and resilience of people and the planet. We did this through a Rapid Transition Lab. The lab identified risks and opportunities emerging in the Swedish food systems due to the Covid-19 pandemic through a co-creative process with public, private and civil food system actors. Since the war in Ukraine started, the initial focus on the pandemic expanded during the project to encompass multiple crises. The lab has developed understanding and articulated strategic options for Swedish food system actors to engage in a rapid transition, while navigating multiple crises. 


Vinnova 2021-01205


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