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Code from the paper "Maladaptive plastic responses of flowering time to geothermal heating"

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posted on 2023-06-02, 08:44 authored by Alicia ValdésAlicia Valdés

R notebook contaning the code used to perform all the analyses in the paper  "Maladaptive plastic responses of flowering time to geothermal heating", including:

- Code for linear models testing for the effects of mean soil temperature on the slope and intercept of the relationships between air and soil temperatures, and on correlation coefficients between air and soil temperatures, based on above- and belowground logger data, used to examine if the relationship between air and soil temperatures depended on the degree of geothermal soil warming.

- Code for linear models of first flowering date on soil temperature, and generalized linear models of absolute fitness (total seed number) on soil temperature, used to assess if higher soil temperatures were associated with an earlier flowering time and a lower fitness. These models also include study year (2017-2018) as a fixed factor and the interaction year × soil temperature, to test if relationships differed between years.

- Code for phenotypic selection models (linear models) assessing the effect of temperature on the covariance between flowering time and fitness, used to evaluate if soil temperature influenced phenotypic selection on flowering time, and if later flowering was more favored on warmer soils. These models also included study year (2017-2018) as a fixed factor and the interaction FFD × soil temperature × year, to test if the effect of soil temperature on selection on flowering time differed between years. The code also includes estimation of 95% bias‐corrected and accelerated (BCa) bootstrap intervals (10000 iterations) for these models.

- Code for figures 2-3 in the paper, and for figures in Supplementary Information.


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