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Computer simulation scripts for "Models of conditioned reinforcement and abnormal behaviour in captive animals"

posted on 2023-05-31, 10:25 authored by Vera VinkenVera Vinken, Lena M. Lidfors, Jenny Loberg, Anna Lundberg, Johan LindJohan Lind, Markus Jonsson, Stefano GhirlandaStefano Ghirlanda, Magnus Enquist

This file contains all scripts needed to run the computer simulations in the abovementioned manuscript. The simulations were performed using the scripts together  with the Learning Simulator program (Jonsson et al., 2021) which can  be downloaded at It also contains a readme file that provides information about required software and  dependencies.


Evolutionary Transitions in Humans – From Nature to Culture

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Vinken, V., Lidfors, L., Loberg, L., Lundberg, A., Lind, J., Jonsson, M., Ghirlanda, S. & Enquist, M. (2023). Models of conditioned reinforcement and abnormal behaviour in captive animals. Behavioural Processes, online 19 May 2023, 104893.

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