Open data for "Respekt i kvadrat"

2020-06-12T08:47:28Z (GMT) by Tobias Hagberg
Open data for "Respekt i kvadrat", a randomised controlled trial of an internet delivered cognitive-behavioural therapy intervention for adaptive assertiveness by Tobias Hagberg and Patrik Trång, under supervision of Prof. Per Carlbring.

This bundle contains
- R markdown source (Rmd file extension)
- anonymised R data (RDS file extension)
- anonymised item data (xlsx file extension)

The Rmd file is "self contained", that is it includes all R code necessary to run the statistical analyses, generate tables and graphics, and assemble the pieces to a manuscript in PDF format. For convenience, Rstudio is recommended to build the file. At a minimum, you will need a properly set up TeX distribution (such as texlive) and an R installation. Further R dependencies and build instructions are documented in the Rmd file.