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R code for analysis of historic generation of ecosystem services in village landscapes

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posted on 2022-02-21, 14:03 authored by Hanna SinareHanna Sinare, Garry D. Peterson, Lowe Börjeson, Line J. Gordon
This files contains the R code used for the analysis of change in generation of ecosystem services over time in six villages in Burkina Faso. The code is used to read the .tif images of manually classified social-ecological patches distribution for six points in time between 1952 and 2016. Village landscapes classified into social-ecological patches []
These .tif files were made through interpretation of aerial photographs and satellite images in ArcGIS.
The code is then used to make a linear backcast of generation of ecosystem services based on current relationships between social-ecological patch and ecosystem services based on Sinare et al. (2016). []
Then we explore the range of plausible change through a high and a low estimate of change in generation and value of ecosystem services over time. We also test a scenario of no trees on agricultural land to highlight the importance of trees for generation of ecosystem services.
See also Tables for calculating change in generation of ecosystem services over time. []


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Sinare, H., G. D. Peterson, L. Börjeson, and L. J. Gordon. 2022. Ecosystem services in Sahelian village landscapes 1952–2016: estimating change in a data scarce region. Ecology and Society 27(3):1.

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