Stockholm University
Christine Storr (previously Kirchberger) is a lecturer and doctoral candidate in Law and Informatics at the Department of Law, Stockholm University, where she has been teaching media law to law students, computer scientists and media experts since 2001. Her research focuses on legal information retrieval, the concept of legal information within the framework of the doctrine of legal sources and the information-seeking behaviour of lawyers. Since 2016 Christine has been the coordinator for IT pedagogy at the Department of Law where she facilitates teachers' use of technology. She created recipes for teaching (available at during her time as a pedagogical ambassador in 2021 and has also written help guides for teachers on how to use the available learning platforms at Stockholm University (available at Christine can be found at and as iinek on Twitter. Her more geeky side is available at


  • Cyber Law in Sweden
  • The'I'in Legal Information Retrieval
  • Internet of Things: Right to Data from a European Perspective
  • GDPR Implementation Series ∙ Sweden: Quantitative (but Qualitative?) Changes in Privacy Legislation
  • The Rise and Regulation of Drones: Are We Embracing Minority Report or WALL-E?
  • Making the case for virtual law cases: introducing an innovative way to teach law
  • In search of the evidence: digital learning in legal education, a scoping review

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