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Eva Samuelsson

Researcher, PhD (Economics; Education)


Eva Samuelsson has a PhD in social work. She conducts research on alcohol, drug and gambling problems and organisation of care and treatment for such problems. Eva has previously worked as a social worker in social services and substance abuse care. Currently Eva is working on her post doc project concerning help-seeking for gambling problems.


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  • Eva Samuelsson (2015) Use or misuse? Practitioners’ perceptions of substance use and treatment. Stockholm Studies in Social Work No. 30. Doctoral Thesis in Social Work, Stockholm University.
  • Eva Samuelsson (2015) Substance use and treatment needs: Constructions of gender in Swedish addiction care. Contemporary Drug Problems, 42(3): 188-208.
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  • Eva Samuelsson, Jan Blomqvist, & Irja Christophs (2013) Addiction and recovery - Perceptions among professionals in the Swedish treatment system. Nordic Studies on Alcohol and Drugs, 30(1-2), 51-66.

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