Holocentric chromosomes facilitate recombination and genetic variation in Lepidoptera

Posted on 12.12.2018 - 08:45 by Ramprasad Neethiraj
Collections of scripts and data used in the article "Holocentric chromosomes facilitate high rates of recombination and genetic variation in Lepidoptera "

It contains:

* Linkage map from Bombyx mori with all markers: "Bombyx_mori_linkage_map_all_markers.tsv"

* Linkage map from Pieris napi with all markers: "Pieris_napi_linkage_map_all_markers.tsv" (n=3262)

* List of markers not used in the analysis: "Pieris_napi_linkage_map_removed_markers.tsv" (n=261)

* List of markers retained for analysis: "Pieris_napi_linkage_map_retained_markers.tsv" (n=3001)

* Script used to determine the recombination rates of both species: "Recombination_rates.R"


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The work was financed by the Strategic Research Program Ekoklim at Stockholm University, the Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation (KAW 2012.0058) and the Swedish Research Council grants (to SN) VR-2012-3715 and (to CWW) VR-2012-4001.


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